Beetles in Texas

Texas is home to different beetle species of varying colors like the black lesser stag and carpet beetles, brown giant stag beetle, black and white Asian stag beetle, black and yellow harlequin beetle, and so on.

The giant stag beetle, 2.5 inches long with large mandibles is the state’s largest, while the carpet beetles a common find in most Texas homes, are the smallest. Not all the beetle species thriving here are harmful, but some like the American oil beetle could sting or bite humans if disturbed.

Beetles in Texas (TX)

Largest Beetles: Giant Stag Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle, Furniture Carpet Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle

Here is the list of beetles found in Texas arranged in order of the family they belong to.

Longhorn Beetles

  • Bumelia Borer Beetle (Plinthocoelium suaveolens)
  • Redheaded Ash Borer Beetle (Neoclytus acuminatus)
  • Spotted Apple Tree Borer (Saperda cretata)
  • Hardwood Stump Borer Beetle (Mallodon dasytomus)
  • Cotton Wood Borer Beetle (Plectrodera scalator)
  • Palo Verde Root Borer Beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)
  • Bombardier Beetle (Brachinus crepitans)
  • Pasimachus Ground Beetle (Pasimachus strenuous)
  • Spotted Longhorn Beetle (Rutpela maculata)

Scarab Beetles

  • Green June Beetle (Cotinis nitida)
  • Rainbow Scarab Beetle (Phanaeus vindex)
  • Kern’s Flower Scarab Beetle (Euphoria kernii)
  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)
  • Tibial Scarab Beetle (Anomala tibialis)
  • Emerald Euphoria Beetle (Euphoria fulgida)
  • Bumble Flower Beetle (Euphoria inda)
  • Harlequin Flower Beetle (Gymnetis caseyi)
  • Figeater Beetle (Cotinis mutabilis)
  • Texas Flower Scarab Beetle (Trichiotinus texanus)
  • Bee-like Flower Scarab Beetle (Trichiotinus piger)
  • Delta Flower Scarab Beetle (Trigonopeltastes delta)
  • Hammond’s Lined June Beetle (Polyphylla hammondi)
  • Brown Dung Beetle (Onthophagus gazelle)

Rhinoceros Beetles

Jewel Beetles

  • Green Metallic Wood Boring Beetle (Red-legged buprestis)

Click Beetles

Blister Beetles

  • Short-winged Blister Beetle (Meloe angusticollis)
  • Striped Blister Beetle (Epicauta vittata)
  • Charlie Brown Blister Beetle (Pyrota palpalis)
  • Yellow-crescent Blister Beetle (Pyrota insulata)
  • American Oil Beetle (Meloe americanus)
  • Black and Red Blister Beetle (Megetra cancellata)

Soldier Beetles

True Weevils

Skin Beetles

  • Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor)
  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)
  • Furniture Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus flavipes)

Ptinidae Beetles

Stag Beetles

Longhorn Beetles

Ground Beetles

  • Long-necked Ground Beetle (Colliuris pensylvanica)
  • Oblong-punctate Agra Carabid Beetle (Agra oblongopunctata)
  • South Texas Giant Tiger Beetle (Amblycheila hoversoni)
  • Cajun Tiger Beetle (Dromochorus pilatei)
  • Six-spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata)

Carrion Beetles

Jewel Beetles

  • Metallic Wood Boring Beetle (Chalcophora virginiensis)