Beetles in South Carolina

South Carolina has many beetle species, and among the ones recorded, the largest is the Eastern Hercules beetle. On the other hand, the varied carpet beetles are among the smallest beetles, mainly infesting homes. One of the state’s most destructive beetles is the southern pine beetle known to damage forest properties worth $125 million in 1995-96. The state also has several tiger beetles of which the six-spotted tiger beetle and the Carolina metallic tiger beetle are the commonly sighted ones.

Beetles in South Carolina (SC)

Largest Beetles: Eastern Hercules Beetle, Japanese Beetle, Green June Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Varied Carpet Beetle

Most Common Beetles:  Southern Pine Beetle, Asian Lady Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle

Longhorn Beetles

Scarab Beetles

Rhinoceros Beetles

  • Eastern Hercules Beetle (Dynastes tityus)

Longhorn Beetles

  • Asian Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis)
  • Cottonwood Borer Beetle (Plectrodera scalator)

True Weevils

  • Southern Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis)
  • Boll Weevil Beetle (Anthonomus grandis)

Ladybird Beetles

Ground Beetles

  • Carolina Tiger Beetle (Megacephala Carolina)
  • Six-spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata)
  • Carolina Metallic Tiger Beetle (Tetracha carolina)
  • Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle (Habroscelimorpha dorsalis)
  • Punctured Tiger Beetle (Cicindela punctulata)
  • Margined Tiger Beetle (Ellipsoptera marginata)
  • Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle (Tetracha virginica)
  • Bronzed Tiger Beetle (Cicindela repanda)

Skin Beetles

  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)

Jewel Beetles

Dung Beetles

  • Carolina Copris Beetle (Dichotomius carolinus)

Blister Beetles