Beetles in California

California has many beetles belonging to different families, mainly inhabiting various parts of South California. The pine sawyer and figeater are the largest beetles here mostly dwelling in the southern parts of the state. The northern part also has its share of beetles, like the pictured rove beetle. The carpet beetle species make their presence felt throughout the state infesting woolen garments, upholstery and so on.

Beetles in California (CA)

Largest Beetles: Pine Sawyer Beetle, Ten-lined June Beetle, Figeater Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle, Furniture Carpet Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Figeater Beetle, Pine Sawyer Beetle, Ten-lined June Beetle, Black Carpet Beetle

Scarab Beetles

  • Figeater Beetle (Cotinus texana)
  • Ten-lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata)
  • Common Tumblebug Beetle (Canthon laevis)
  • Glorious Scarab Beetle (Plusiotis gloriosa)
  • Golden Tortoise Beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata)
  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)

Longhorn Beetles

  • Pine Sawyer Beetle (Monochamus galloprovincialis)
  • California Root Borer Beetle (Prionus californicus)
  • Lesser Eucalyptus Longhorn Beetle (Phoracantha recurva)

Rain Beetles

  • Black Rain Beetle (Pleocoma puncticollis)

Burying Beetles

  • Black Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus nigrita)

Darkling Beetles

  • Ironclad Beetle (Phloeodes pustulosis)
  • Armored Darkling Beetle (Eleodes armata)

Rove Beetles

  • Devil’s Coach Horse Beetle (Staphylinus olens)
  • Pictured Rove Beetle (Thinopinus pictus)

Ground Beetles

True Weevils

Skin Beetles

  • Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor)
  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)
  • Furniture Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus flavipes)

Jewel Beetles

  • Sculptured Pine Borer Beetle (Chalcophora virginiensis)

Leaf Beetles

Ladybird Beetles

Soldier Beetles

  • Brown Leatherwing Beetle (Pacificanthia consors)

Water Scavenger Beetles

  • Giant Black Water Beetle (Hydrophilus triangularis)