Beetles in Utah

The majority of the beetles found in Utah are deemed serious pests causing immense damage to plants and household properties. Those of the skin beetle family mainly infest homes found in woolen garments, furniture, flour, bird’s nest, cabinets, etc.

The state even has a stable population of the Velvet longhorn beetle. However, the Japanese beetle, a common pest in most states, does not thrive here in significant numbers. Another beetle worth mentioning is the ten-lined june beetle, mostly spotted in the morning, flying around lawns or gardens, making a hissing sound when disturbed.

The largest beetle species in Utah is the big black Prionus heroicus of the longhorn beetle family, while the skin beetles are the smallest.

Beetles in Utah (UT)

Largest Beetles: Velvet Longhorn Beetle, Ten-lined June Beetle, Prionus heroicus

Smallest Beetles: Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle, Larder Beetle

Here is the list of beetles found in Utah arranged in order of the family they belong to.

Skin Beetles

  • Warehouse Beetle (Trogoderma variabile)
  • Larder Beetle (Dermestes lardarius)
  • Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor)
  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)
  • Hide Beetle (Dermestes maculates)
  • Trogoderma Dermestid Beetle (Trogoderma simplex)
  • Larger Cabinet Beetle (Trogoderma inclusum)
  • Glabrous Cabinet Beetle (Trogoderma glabrum)
  • Asian Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus coloratus)

True Weevils

Longhorn Beetles

  • Banded Alder Borer Beetle (Rosalia funebris)
  • Velvet Longhorn Beetle (Trichoferus campestris)
  • Prionus heroicus

Darkling Beetles

Scarab Beetles

  • Ten-lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata)
  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)

Leaf Beetles

Stag Beetles

Ladybird Beetles