Beetles in South Dakota

South Dakota has fewer recorded beetle species, of which the ladybird beetles are present in large numbers. Their presence could be a menace to homes, yet they don’t seem to be harmful. The mountain pine beetle is one of the most infamous pests of the state, mainly infesting parts of Pennington County. Another pest is the pine engraver beetle known for attacking and damaging pine trees. The state even has a decent amount of blister beetles mostly inhabiting the alfalfa fields.

Beetles in South Dakota (SD)

Largest Beetles: Asian Lady Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Varied Carpet Beetle

Most Common Beetles:  Mountain Pine Beetle, Asian Lady Beetle, Pine Engraver Beetle

Ladybird Beetles

  • Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis)
  • Five-spotted Lady Beetle (Hippodamia quinquesignata)
  • Nine-spotted Lady Beetle (Coccinella novemnotata)
  • Seven-spot Ladybird Beetle (Coccinella septempunctata)
  • Thirteen-spotted Lady Beetle (Hippodamia tredecimpunctata)
  • Leconte’s Giant Lady Beetle (Anatis lecontei)
  • Fifteen-spotted Lady Beetle (Anatis labiculata)
  • Cream-spot Ladybird Beetle (Calvia quatuordecimguttata)
  • Expurgate Lady Beetle (Hippodamia expurgata)
  • Parenthesis Lady Beetle (Hippodamia parenthesis)
  • Spotted Lady Beetle (Coleomegilla maculata)
  • Striped Lady Beetle (Paranaemia vittigera)
  • Ashy Gray Lady Beetle (Olla v-nigrum)
  • Troglodyte Lady Beetle (Hyperaspis troglodytes)
  • Undulate Lady Beetle (Hyperaspis undulata)
  • Caudal Lady Beetle (Scymnus caudalis)
  • Mountain Lady Beetle (Coccinella monticola)

Carrion Beetles

Blister Beetles

  • Black Blister Beetle (Epicauta pennsylvania)
  • Ashgray Blister Beetle (Epicauta fabricii)
  • Striped Blister Beetle (Epicauta vittata)
  • Margined Blister Beetle (Epicauta funebris)
  • Immaculate Blister Beetle (Zonitis immaculata)

True Weevils

  • Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)
  • Pine Engraver Beetle (Ips pini)

Skin Beetles

  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)