Beetles in North Dakota

North Dakota has a few documented species, of which flea beetles are present in large numbers, being a common pest to several crops. The big Japanese beetle makes its presence repeatedly felt throughout the state, harming ornamental plants and crops. There are also numerous carpet beetles here infesting homes.

The convergent lady beetle also found here has been designated as North Dakota’s official state insect since 2011.

Beetles in North Dakota (ND)

Largest Beetles:  Japanese Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle, Willow Flea Beetle, Apple Flea Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Convergent Lady Beetle, Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle, Flea Beetles

Leaf Beetles

  • Willow Flea Beetle (Crepidodera aurata)
  • Grape Flea Beetle (Scelodonta strigicollis)
  • Dogwood Flea Beetle (Altica corni)
  • Apple Flea Beetle (Altica foliaceae)
  • Brown Dot Leafy Spurge Flea Beetle (Aphthona cyparissiae)
  • Black Leafy Spurge Flea Beetle (Aphthona czwalinae)
  • Sumac Flea Beetle (Blepharida rhois)
  • Sweetpotato Flea Beetle (Chaetocnema confinis)
  • Desert Corn Flea Beetle (Chaetocnema ectypa)
  • Threespot Flea Beetle (Disonycha triangularis)
  • Spinach Flea Beetle (Disonycha xanthomelas)
  • Potato Flea Beetle (Epitrix cucumeris)
  • Tuber Flea Beetle (Epitrix tuberis)
  • Cabbage Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta albionica)
  • Horseradish Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta armoraciae)
  • Crucifer Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta cruciferae)
  • Western Black Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta pusilla)
  • Garden Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta robusta)
  • Striped Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta striolata)
  • Zimmerman’s Flea beetle (Phyllotreta zimmermanni)
  • Hop Flea Beetle (Psylliodes punctulatus)
  • Elongate Flea Beetle (Systena elongate)
  • Red-headed Flea Beetle (Systena frontalis)

Scarab Beetles

  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)

Blister Beetles

  • Clematis Blister Beetle (Epicuata cinera)
  • Black Blister Beetle (Epicuata pensylvanica)
  • Margined Blister Beetle (Epicuata funebris)

Ladybird Beetles

  • Convergent Lady Beetle (Hippodamia convergens)

Skin Beetles

  • Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor)
  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)