Beetles in Nevada

Of the several beetles in Nevada, the bark beetle species like the western pine and mountain beetles are common. They mainly attack pine species like the ponderosa and lodgepole. The northern part of Nevada has more beetles than the southern region. The Japanese beetle, a destructive pest to plants, also thrives here, while the varied carpet beetle is one of the prominent smaller house beetles.

Beetles in Nevada (NV)

Largest Beetles: Japanese Beetle, Colorado Potato Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Western Pine Beetle,Mountain Pine Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Western Pine Beetle, Mountain Pine Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle

True Weevils

  • Boll Weevil (Anthonomus grandis)
  • Western Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus brevicomis)
  • Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)
  • Acorn Weevil Beetle (Curculio glandium)

Darkling Beetles

Leaf Beetles

  • Cowpea Seed Beetle (Callosobruchus maculates)
  • Colorado Potato Beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata)

Scarab Beetles

  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)

Carrion Beetles

Ladybird Beetles

Sap Beetles

  • Four-spotted Sap Beetle (Glischrochilus quadrisignatus)

Longhorn Beetles

  • Horse-Bean Longhorn Beetle (Trachyderes mandibularis)
  • Red Oak Borer Beetle (Enaphalodes rufulus)

Soldier Beetles

Click Beetles

  • Southwestern Eyed Click Beetle (Alaus zunianus)

Skin Beetles

Blister Beetles

  • Master Blister Beetle (Lytta magister)