Beetles in Louisiana

The largest beetle species in Louisiana belong to the rhinoceros beetle subfamily measuring up to 63 mm. Another beetle species found here since the 1990s is the Asian lady beetle, primarily active during winters. Though their increased numbers within the household could cause a menace, these species are not harmful and do not cause significant damage. Of the smaller beetles, the carpet beetle species and the khapra beetle infest clothes, furniture, fabric, and food items.

Beetles in Louisiana (LA)

Largest Beetles: Asiatic Rhinoceros Beetle, Eastern Hercules Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Varied Carpet Beetle, Black Carpet Beetle, Khapra Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Asian Lady Beetle, Black Carpet Beetle, Varied Carpet Beetle

Skin Beetles

  • Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)
  • Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor)
  • Khapra Beetle (Trogoderma granarium)

Blister Beetles

Longhorn Beetles

Scarab Beetles

Rhinoceros Beetles

Jewel Beetles

Ground Beetles

  • Cajun Tiger Beetle (Dromochorus pilatei)

Ladybird Beetles 

Leaf Beetles

  • Air Potato Leaf Beetle (Lilioceris cheni)