Beetles in Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its increased population of beetles belonging to the scarab family. One of the invasive pests here is the coconut rhinoceros beetle, detected in 2013, December primarily attacking coconut palms, causing immense damage. Another rhinoceros beetle species is the African rhinoceros beetle, known for heavy infestation.

The beetles of the longhorn family are also no less in damaging plants; the Queensland Longhorn Beetle introduced here about a decade ago being high on the list. Among other pests, the grain beetle species like rice weevils, cigarette beetles, and so mostly imported through shipments, also dwell here primarily found in cereals and other foodstuffs.

Beetles in Hawaii (HI)

Largest Beetles: Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, African Rhinoceros Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Coffee Borer Beetle,Rice Weevil Beetle, Drugstore Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Coconut RhinocerosBeetle, Queensland Longhorn Beetle, Chinese Rose Beetle

Here is the list of beetles found in Hawaii arranged in order of the family they belong to.

Scarab Beetles

  • Oriental Flower Beetle (Protaetia orientalis)
  • Chinese Rose Beetle (Adoretus sinicus)
  • Carolina Lepidiota (Lepidiota carolinensis)
  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)
  • Pitchy Scarab Beetle (Ataenius picinus)

Rhinoceros Beetles

  • Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros)
  • African Rhinoceros Beetle (Temnorhynchus retusus)

Scavenger Scarab Beetles

  • Hybosorus roei

Longhorn Beetles

  • Queensland Longhorn Beetle (Acalolepta aesthetica)
  • Australian Eucalyptus Longhorn Beetle (Phoracantha semipunctata)

Stag Beetles

  • Kauai Flightless Stag Beetle (Apterocyclus honoluluensis)
  • Marinas Stag Beetle (Figulus integricollis)

True Weevils

  • Black Twig Borer Beetle (Xylosandrus compactus)
  • Coffee Borer Beetle (Hypothenemus hampei)
  • Rice Weevil Beetle (Sitophilus oryzae)

False Blister Beetles

  • Oxycopis suturalis
  • Red-black False Blister Beetle (Ananca bicolor)

Ptinidae Beetles

Skin Beetles

Silvan Flat Bark Beetles

  • Square-necked Grain Beetle (Cathartus quadricollis)