Beetles in Georgia

Most of the beetles recorded in Georgia are a part of the true weevil family of which the pine beetle species are true pests to pine trees. The largest beetle of the state is the eastern hercules beetle, measuring 1.5-2.5 inches, olive green in color with black blotches all over. On the other hand, the black carpet beetle, the smallest, infests carpets, rugs, and other clothing.

Beetles in Georgia (GA)

Largest Beetles: Eastern Hercules Beetle, Japanese Beetle

Smallest Beetles: Black Carpet Beetle

Most Common Beetles: Eastern Hercules Beetle

Here is the list of beetles found in Georgia arranged in order of the family they belong to.

True Weevils

  • Black Turpentine Beetle (Dendroctonus terebrans)
  • Southern Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis)
  • Coarsewriting Engraver Beetle (Ips calligraphus)
  • Eastern five-spined Engraver Beetle (Ips grandicollis)
  • Small Southern Pine Engraver Beetle (Ips avulses)

Scarab Beetles

  • Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)

Rhinoceros Beetles

  • Eastern Hercules Beetle (Dynastes tityus)

Skin Beetles

  • Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor)

Ladybird Beetles

Stag Beetles